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The Zap Code

The life-code of Zap McClannad (the all purpose inner personal Neo-Celtic Pagan Folk Hero).

this is Poetry and Art…
these are guide lines…
this is NOT a DOGMA…

The Zap-Code1

l:  “Do what you will,
You know what you should.
and if a thing is worth doing,
it’s worth doing good”

2:  “Take what you will,
but, no more than you need.
for the balance of life
is disrupted by greed”

3:  “Give some to the Gods
of all that you have,
for they can give you their blessings
or they can cut you in half.”

4:  “Care for nature around you,
all the trees and green things,
for we’re in life together.
We should All do our thing”

5:  “True friendship , strong as iron,
will never turn to rust.
An everlasting curse rewards
betrayel of this trust”.

6:  “To your Clan and to commonfolk
be respectfull and mild,
and to all of your enemies
be nasty and wild!”.

7:  “Choose your friends wisely,
all that glitters is not gold.
A promise made must be fulfilled,
as Fire burns and Ice is cold”.

8:  “Feed your guests, should you have them.
Share your mead and your bread.
Don’t drink too much of the ale-horn,
don’t be first in your bed”.

9:  “Do not boast about powers
you do not possess.
For the True deed, makes the false speech
completely worthless…”

10:  “When bad times are upon you,
don’t forget they won’t last.
With a light heart and courage,
They will soon be in the past”.

11:  “Laugh each day, ’cause it feels good
and make love,don’t make strife.
With enough sex and laughter
you will live a full life”.

12:  “Don’t be frightened to love
don’t be too tough to cry.
Give your feelings expression
and your spirit will fly”.

13:  “If rules are wise, respect them
If they’re foolish, then don’t.
If your work has purpose, do it!
If it’s pointless, then don’t!”.

14:  “Don’t think you can do nothing,
when you see all is wrong.
For you are Clan McClannad!
and you’re one of the strong!”

15:  “In a heart filled with honour
there is no room for fear.
Trust in Zap and DON’T PANIC!
and your head will stay clear.”

16:  “Keep your sword and spear sharpened,
when a conflict you feel.
So if harsh words don’t solve it’
you can trust in cold steel!”.

17:  “Take good care of your body,
take good care of your soul.
for you need BOTH in this life
to take you  to your goal.”

18:  “Follow no other leader,
they are all full of crap.
For the Gods they are many,
but there’s only one Zap!”.

  1. As purported by SteveSic of Omnia []